UPS Drones Approved

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The UPS drones approved by the FAA this week is the second approval in the US. This is a game changer though. If you read between the lines, every union employee should have walked off the job at UPS Friday. Instead it appears they are accepting that they all will be replaced by robots and automation sooner than later.

They probably feel this way since UPS wasn’t the first to get approval for Drone delivery flights. They were the first to do it under their part 135 certificate. Small detail on paper, big deal for them.

A couple of months back, Wing, a part of Alphabet, which also owns Google, was the first to get approval. FedEx and Walgreens quickly announce partnerships with Wing. The Wing drones were first tested in the outback of Australia and are now coming to the US. UPS has officially joined the drone fight now that it too has approval.

One of the biggest problems the politicians are glossing over is the ability to keep people engaged and healthy. As Americans we have become lazy and fat. We used to have to walk main street in order to buy stuff. Then along came the super stores. Now we just open the front door or check the garage.

First Phones, Now Drones.

Wing Drone Photo Courtesy of Wing
Photo Copyright Wing

For a society that is addicted to their phones, this might sound like paradise at first. No more work, just play on your phone all day. Maybe that is what Samuel L Jackson really was saying in his famous “Wake the F* Up America” Video.

The Wing website we looked at had a family playing on their phone ordering cupcakes. Really, cupcakes in a world already overloaded with sugar? If you want to sell it how about life saving medicine. The people claiming to be the 99% that occupied with iPhones in their hands are the same people falling for the need to have cupcakes arrive by drones.

Since the drones will be operated under FAA part 135, there is a possibility that UPS could start flying pilotless cargo jets now under the exception they received. The truth is that most airplanes can fly themselves. The pilots are an insurance plan to keep the planes from really bad situations.

The news shows us all the times pilots get it wrong, but the only one it recent history where one got it right and it made the TV was Sulley and the US Air Airbus river landing. The UPS drones approved for flight in the US are under a separate company so when one crashes on the freeway and causes a pile up, UPS itself won’t have to foot the bill.

Is this progress we need?

People need work. We all need something to complain about and to engage our minds and bodies. Automation makes sense when it comes to safety like digging mines. We also need social interaction and our phones are not it. You can live without your phone. I did it for years and still leave it at home for a day or so each month just to break the habit.

Many blame the unions for “forcing” companies to automate. That isn’t true, just look at über. They were testing driverless cars in San Francisco with the cheapest labor costs in the US. FREE. If a driver doesn’t work, it costs über essentially nothing, and yet they felt the need to develop driverless cars.

The political correctness of California fights the wall on the border and claims to have open arms for immigrants while at the same time putting kiosks up to replace cashiers, building driverless cars and now drones.

Can You Really Play All Day?

Immigrants need work. Let them have it. You need work, don’t give it away. Don’t learn to ignore the buzz of the drones. Let your politicians know you don’t want drones buzzing the quiet of your home. Not Amazon drones, UPS drones or the drones of the local thief looking in your house to see if you are home and left the back door unlocked.

UPS Matternet Drone Testing
UPS Test Drone Looks Small But…

I am not a religious person but there are good lessons in the bible. Something like “Idle hands are the devils workshop” are in there. You want to know why violence is escalating around the world? Idle hands. Don’t believe the unemployment hype, there are a lot of people who need work.

The first test drones were used on a campus for healthcare operations. That delivery guy just lost his job. Who is next?

Disconnect to Reconnect

Being glued to our phones disconnects us from society. And no Tinder, Grinder and all of the dating apps are not helping us connect. They are making us numb to who we really are.

Just like our phones, delivery drones will disconnect us from society even more. I am happy to say I live in an area where my mailman still walks the block and I know his name. How many neighbors to you know.

Email your senator, since you have your phone in your hands, and stop the drones. Then put down your phone, go meet a neighbor and live a little.

“It’s not about making a living, it’s about living.” – The Old Man and The Gun.

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