#RWTH and The Covid Election

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How does a Right Wing Tree Hugger Vote, especially during a Covid Election?

Right is the first word in Right Wing Tree Hugger isn’t it? But is that how we vote? The media has labeled the Republican party the conservatives and the right. But are they either?

The Democrats are the liberals or left and many times championed as the environmentalists and human rights advocates. But are they?

Right, Left or Wrong?

We have a lot to think about while we are stuck at home playing video games.

Is Covid-19 real? I think so.

Should you get solar panels? I did

Is Covid-19 a reason to stay locked up and wear a mask? – I don’t think so. Sorry Joe, your plan will kill the economy for no reason.

Should you get an electric car? I did but got rid of it. The new Jeep 4xe is looking pretty good for a RWTH guy like me though.

Is 5G safe? I am not sure. Testing would have been nice Mr. President

Does wearing a mask really help? I don’t think so.

Is it right to drill holes in the ground, use hydraulic pressure and “secret” solutions to break up rocks to get more oil? They call it fracking, I call it Wrong

Is it right to label people by skin color? I don’t think so.
The Left wants to label people by skin color. Why? What is race anyway?

Is it right to label people by “ethnicity”. I don’t think so?

Is Blackish right and middle class blacks are now ethnically “white”? There is a thinker but….

What is ethnicity anyway? The left wants to label everyone to “help” them. But do they? Why can’t we stop thinking about the “race” we belong to, and just be Americans. Just saying I am hispanic-caucasian changes how I think about myself and how I act around others. If I just say I am American I act differently. Try it sometime. Give it a week to sink in. Imagine there are no “races” or “ethnicities”. Accept we are all Americans, we just look different, and we are each unique in our own ways.

Cook at Home, Vote From Home
Save the planet this Covid Election

We are a melting pot of cultures for sure. Thats what makes us Americans, not Swedes, or Chinese or Africans. Lets stop labeling and just be Americans. Africans, Chinese, Mexicans and Russians don’t move here because they loved the “old country” and it was the greatest place on earth do they? NO! They come here because this is still (barely) the greatest country on earth.

Do we really need more oil? Not really.
The Right wants to drill closer to the shores. Oil on the beach isn’t fun. Yes gasoline may cost more, but get over it. Clean air and beaches are worth it aren’t they? Drive less, telecommute more and please use less plastic. That jacked up diesel belching black smoke might look cool but it clearly says you don’t care about anyone but you. If you are a #RWTH, you respect your neighbors and the earth you don’t purposely add pollution to it.

The Left wants to raise taxes and defund police at the same time. Do you want more riots after the Covid election? What will the money be for then? Will they pay for all the businesses that are looted and burned? Since when is the government a good steward of money. Politicians are like a magic sponge, you can keep adding water and it never stops taking it.

The left has decided to leave the homeless right where they are. How is that working for anyone. Los Angeles is a pit of homelessness and the Left won’t allow anyone to do anything if the money doesn’t funnel through them. This is clearly wrong. Give money and time to your local missions, not your politicians.

Common sense is all too uncommon – Benjamin Franklin.

This list could go on forever. We need environmental champions and we each need to be good stewards of the environment. We need to hold politicians and big companies accountable and responsible. When the rich offer to buy hotels, renovate them and create homeless shelters at no cost to the cities, let them.

AOC’s dream of banning all air travel isn’t going to be the magic answer. The left wants to keep you at home and only “they” get to travel because it is “necessary”. Hold them accountable and responsible this covid election.

Right and Left are both wrong for us. Big companies have the power on both sides, so either way we lose until we change the entire conversation. This covid election I’ll lean right and hope the left gets the message.

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