#RWTH Challenge Number 1

RWTH Stainless Travel Cup

RWTH Challenge – Dump the Cup

The first Right Wing Tree Hugger Challenge is on. Let us know how you do with “Dump the Cup”. The mission of this challenge is to stop using one use paper and plastic cups and straws. Let’s face it, paper straws fall apart so they don’t suck when you really want them too.

I started today with a 24 ounce insulated tumbler. It has a plastic straw which I left at home. That already saved me 550 calories since I didn’t order a Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino which is delicious but requires a straw.

Reusable Cup
Respect and Responsibility one cup at a time.

So here is how day one went for the #RWTH Road Warrior.

First Stop at McDonald’s – Skipped. Made Cold Brew coffee using Cafe Du Monde Coffee. One Cup, One Lid, One Straw saved

Second Stop – Airport McDonald’s. I asked for a Diet Coke in my cup. They made a diet coke in a large cup and then re-poured it into my cup. There was a straw hidden under my salad. One Cup saved

Third Stop – Airport Starbucks. Double win here, saved 550 calories from the sweet drink I wanted, and had an Iced Green Tea un-sweet instead. They used my cup. One Cup, One Lid, One Straw saved

End of day at Hotel. Got water at desk on arrival. One plastic cup saved. For happy hour I ordered Iced Tea and they used my cup. (It was Salt Lake City). Only one cup saved, no lids or straws here.

Total single use items saved : Four cups, three lids and two straws.

I’ll still give it a C+ since the first real stop wasted a cup and a straw for no reason.

Let us know how you do….