Are You #RWTH?

#RWTH – is the Hashtag for “Right Wing Tree Huggers”. Are you one?

Right Wing Tree Huggers believe that respect and responsibility go hand in hand. You can’t tell everyone to have respect and start fracking every square mile of Texas.

You also can’t say that you respect everyone equally as you increase minimum wage for every job and watch those jobs get replaced by giant self serve kiosks as you walk past the new group of homeless people the social policy created. With respect comes responsibility.

Beach Cruiser with Surfboard Rack
Save Gas, Pedal

If you are a #RWTH, you don’t want a free ride and will give when it is needed. You understand that many times less is more. One reusable cup or hundreds of plastic cups? If you have to think about that answer you might be in the wrong place. If you are a Right Wing Tree Hugger, visit the Right Wing Tree Hugger© SWAG SHOP.

Just because the companies that make plastic bags don’t leave them on the ground doesn’t mean that the cleanup costs shouldn’t be included in the price. Right Wing Tree Huggers think about the future and understand the damage humans are doing and have done in the past. We also look to correct and improve the future for everyone.