Environmentalist or Hippy-crite?

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It is funny how quickly you learn who the environmentalists are and the Hippy-crites are.

Hippy-Crites are people who vote left, claim to be environmentalists and then toss batteries in the trash. Yes they are supposed to be recycled, all batteries have hazardous waste.

This morning I was disposing of my holiday wreaths in the way I felt was the most responsible. Since the wreaths were made from real pine and juniper, and held together with a metal ring, I disassemble them each year. After they are operated, I put the green and brown bows in the green waste to be composted and the metal rings in the recycling as a ferrous metal.

The first neighbor that walked by lives a block over. I don’t know her well, and she stopped to say “Happy New Year” and “What are you doing?”. I explained the #RWTH approach saying, that I don’t use plastic wreaths and I don’t like to waste anything. She smiled and walked away not saying anything else. She is in her 70’s and is quite wealthy but she drives a Toyota. One a previous encounter she told me the Toyota was 15 years old and she had only put tires on it and oil in it as if to be proud of her frugality.

The second to stop by was my hard core right wing neighbor that think recycling is fake. To his point we use way more plastic than we can recycle. I have gone back to glass bottles any chance I can. Yes the OJ costs more in glass, but if the plastic is just headed to the ocean for 4Oceans to clean up, what is the point. If trash is going to wash up on the beach, I prefer glass. In fact there is a jar of it on my desk of glass that I collect on my morning beach walks. He just laughed at me for wasting my time. As far as he is concerned it all goes in the trash.

The last one to stop by was my hard left neighbor from the other end of the block. He and his wife are attorney’s and their kid works for an environmental fund. I’ve looked into the “fund”. It is simply well paid lobbyists trying to get congress to spend the money on the pet project of the week. The donors would be better off buying glass instead of plastic and using a little less.

I don’t really talk to the hard left neighbor because they are the ultimate “hippy-crites”. I call them this because they claim to be save the homeless, stay home be safe, save the world types. Just last week when the hair salons where shut down, I noticed her sneaking in the back door of a local salon that was “closed”. The same woman that backs our Governor and has a “Wear your mask” sticker on her car is violating the law. Since then I have seen her sitting down at “take out only” restaurants to eat.

Don’t get me wrong, I eat out and support the businesses with the guts to stay open and survive. I do it openly opposing the oppression of the mask. They are doing it while claiming to support the governments actions.

The hard left neighbors both drive foreign gas guzzling SUV’s and have no kids at home or any reason to have them. Ironically very similar to the hard right winger on the other corner. The right wingers drive american big V-8 SUV’s and the left wingers drive big German performance SUV’s. Also V-8’s. My wife and I have 4 cylinder turbo SUV’s. Her’s is a diesel.

Neither of the left do any volunteer work. They just brag about the money they make as lawyers and buying homes in the neighborhood to flip. Of course these pro-government lawyer types can’t be bothered with permits so they do a lot of Saturday night contracting. It turns out the hard right area also lawyers, corporate lawyers. The sad thing is that both the right and the left need each other to justify their existence as lawyers and we are stuck with all of them.

As the left wing couple walked away, they didn’t say Happy New Year, instead they told me that I should just skip the wreaths and “save the trees”. That’s a Hippy-Crite.

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