Environmental Damage Due to Covid Stupidity

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The environmental damage due to Covid isn’t what you think.

Many are talking about how the environment has been cleaned up since the Covid pandemic created shutdowns all over the world. Stories of rivers in India being clear for the first time in decades and wildlife returning at a rapid pace to now empty habitat are common. I even shot a video for BeachStreetNews.com about how the Bolsa Chica State Beach was being overrun by new growth, nesting birds and fish.

All of this sounds great, and I have to admit I am very happy to see the cleaner air in the Southern California Basin. Until the late summer wildfires turned the air brown from LA to Vegas that is. So what I am talking about here?

The Covid Stupidity

I am not going to say Covid was a full conspiracy hoax, but it sure looks like the story in the old bond movie. You saw “Tomorrow Never Dies” didn’t you? If not, watch it, it looks like the Corona Virus script.

When things like this happen I always say “follow the money”. Who is gaining here? We can’t use reusable bags at the store so instead most stores are using a heavy duty plastic bag to comply with California’s “no one use bag” policy. So now we buy bags that have a lot more plastic and can’t even re-use them?

4Oceans just pulled their 10,000,000 pound of plastic out of the ocean. How much is about to go back in?

Environmental damage due to covid might include the reusable bag
Did Covid Kill The Re-usable Bag?

Some stores are using heavy paper bags again. While that is great, it still takes pulp from trees we don’t need to cut down. This is just one area we are reversing years of environmental protection progress. We can’t even use our reusable cups from the tree hugger challenge. Being a right wing tree hugger means being responsible and a good steward of our world.

To be sure this isn’t political. There are heavy hitters on both sides gaining from this. If you are a big conspiracy theorist, you can’t help but think they both have an end game here. The bad news is the environment is losing right along with us.

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