Drones Are Coming – Act NOW!

The Drones are Coming, unless you act now. Wings, a division of Alphabet (NASDAQ GOOGL) the owners of Google have announced that they are going to start drone delivery through Walgreens very soon.

Imagine drones buzzing your house, running all around. Drones have already caused problems with wildfire containment. What is next. Clearly no one is thinking this through.

Licensed drone operators need to follow a host of rules. The drone must not go above 400 feet, or beyond the line of sight, and Walgreens says that customers in Christiansburg Virginia will be able receive packages up to 5 miles from their local Walgreens. Not a good idea.

Automated cars delivering products for Amazon will cost jobs. Even though the government says that unemployment is low, there are people everywhere who are homeless and hungry that could use even a simple delivery job to get back on their feet.

Aircraft have many systems in place to insure they don’t hit each other in flight. Drones have no such protections. The airspace over your house is protected for privacy and safety. Are Googles drones going to fly over roads only and respect private property owners rights or will they simply ignore them for the “convenience” of drone delivery to your neighbors?

Maybe drones will become nothing more than targets for kids with paintball guns loaded with frozen paintballs, or maybe they will cost thousands of people their jobs. Either way it looks like a bad idea.

Before a drone crashes into your house, or causes a traffic accident, call your local government offices and stop the drones.

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