Is The Democratic Party Doomed By Bernie

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Does Bernies clear lead after Iowa and Nevada mean the Democratic Party is Doomed?

Bernie Sanders clearly represents the discontent in America with the status quo. A lack of understanding of how a system works and what human nature is. Or is it a very clear understanding of human nature and the system and he is simply leveraging that knowledge.

Free college educations and free healthcare are among the two most popular topics at the Sanders camp, and after Iowa and Nevada, it shows that he is playing on the people. Specifically the people who don’t understand that work pays.

Humans are motivated by several things, a fear of loss, a desire to belong, and ego are among them. In the United States the Democratic Party has taken the old Mantra from the Rebublicans of being the peoples party and turned it in to the battle cry for free stuff. The truth is that there is no free stuff, so the dems claim “the rich will pay”. But wait, isn’t Diane Fienstein married to Billionaire Richard Bluhm? They aren’t giving away their money are they?

There is no human right that says you can go to college, or live at the beach. You earn those things based on the choices you make. I used to say that there is a blanket exception for disabled people. After meeting several veterans missing limbs that were learning to surf, my view of that is changing. Those guys and gals can do anything.

Karl Marx famously said something like “From those who can to those who need.” Bernie Sanders tweeked it to “From those who have to those who want.”

Across America we see people complaining about their plight, and yet if you have a roof over your head and indoor plumbing, you are already in the top 3% of the world economy. 98% of the US population lives in the top 1% of the world economy.

Bernie Sanders has convinced almost half of the democrats in Iowa and Nevada that socialism is better, he should be the king and control all the money. That plan has worked exactly nowhere over the history of time. As a RWTH, I believe responsibility works but I digress.

This nearly 50/50 split of the democratic votes is being hailed by some as a new chapter to the democratic party, others see it like the “peoples party” of the former Soviet Union. How quickly we forget.

This division of the democratic party might be just enough to doom the party.

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