Waiting For A Covid-19 Miracle

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If you are waiting for a Covid-19 Miracle, it may be a while.

It is reported that Southern California has no ICU beds left. When confronted with photos of empty beds, hospital managers then claimed “staffing limitations”. So which is it? Or is any of it the real truth?

Here is the reality:

Shutting down has not stopped the spread. The curves in Florida and California are similar. Florida is mostly open and most can be seen in social media as mask free.

The Holiday Crush

Thanksgiving is being blamed by many health professionals. And they are saying Christmas could be worse if we go see our families. Yet look around. With everything “closed” people are getting closer together in the fewer spaces trying to keep their sanity. Beaches are jam packed and yet they are not being called out by Corona Virus tracers as a source.

Local malls have lines up to two hours for Christmas shoppers. People in line might be six feet apart but this makes them a steady target for all those passers by who are within a foot. You might say “yeah but only for a second or two”. The reality is a flu only needs a second. This is a super flu. Standing in line at the mall will not deliver the Covid-19 Miracle you are looking for.

As much as I want you to go out and help local small business survive this mess, standing in line at the mall isn’t good for you or them at this point. Make a phone call, send some love and if you open Christmas cards, wash your hands if you aren’t in the sun doing it and skip the mall.

The Big Numbers

North Dakota is among the top of the death and sick list on a per capita basis. This means if you look at 100 people in California and 100 people in North Dakota, more of those from North Dakota will get sick or die than the group from California. Why is that? Sturgis? College parties? Who knows but even North Dakota is not locked down like CA. Lockdowns and masks are not the answer and North Dakota knows it. Sadly with a population so spread out, you would think it would be harder to contract the virus. Obviously not so.

This virus is a flu. A very very dangerous flu, but it spreads like the flu so we need to respect it like a flu. Most people are not, and that doesn’t get fixed with a mask or a lockdown. Every year millions of us get a cold or a flu and are never tested. We take day time cold medicine and go on with our lives.

Time to get real about Covid-19

The reality is that you are going to come in contact with this thing at one or many points over the next 48 months if you haven’t already. The rules have not changed. Wash your hands before eating and after using the restroom. Wash your face, enjoy a little sun. The sun is very good at killing this thing on surfaces. UVC lights are even better. All those sprays? Not so much. They need up to 19 minutes sitting on the surface wet to work. Three minutes in the sun and Covid-19 isn’t alive to hurt you. Once it gets inside you, the sun, UVC and the fancy sprays can’t help.

If you have symptoms, stay home. When you feel better, stay home for four more days. The rules to stop this aren’t hard so why are we having such a hard time doing it? Watch someone sneeze in public. The first thing they do is lower the mask. The whole point of the mask is to stop the saliva in the sneeze from traveling.

Lock Down Failure in California

Personally I am not a fan of the lockdowns or the masks. They are not helping. Many immigrants are probably having flashbacks to the tyranny of the “old country” they came from.

No I am not a doctor or a scientist but I do have advanced degrees and know how to interpret statistics and studies. If you are sick and wear a mask you reduce your spread by 80%. I’ll buy that part of the study. The problem is that a “symptomatic” person has a virus count that is so much higher that the mask isn’t enough. Again if you are sick stay home and when you feel better stay home four more days.

I do wash all of the produce that I buy in the store, and I stopped buying pre packaged foods that aren’t cooked. I have seen too many people drop their mask and sneeze in the produce section. At the Reno Costco I watched a man look around and sneeze all over printer cartridges a few months ago. Looking right at me he shrugged his shoulders and walked away. Yes he needs to stay home if he can’t learn how to sneeze right.

Don’t cough on my or my stuff

Cough or sneeze into your elbow and if you have a mask, keep it on.

The mental damage to the kids, the economic damage to California isn’t worth it. The media has published numbers that have no meaning and leveraged those that do to the point where many of us are now in a constant state of anxiety. And for what? A virus we are going to come in contact with and that has a .01% chance of making us very ill. It is going to happen so why fight it? To flatten the curve you say? We have been in various stages of lockdown since March and bam. Flu season hit like the brick it always does. There is clearly no “flattening of the curve”.

California’s Official charts per State Health Department

The Fix Is In?

If you want a Covid-19 Miracle, it might start with better attention to health class in school is probably the best remedy, but not likely to happen soon enough. Teachers are afraid to go to work and parents are mad at them for not taking their kids. It is a no win.

The answer is right in front of us, but our “leaders” don’t want to tell you that you are the only one who can really keep you safe. No mask, no lockdowns, just you.

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