Covid-19 Mask Burning?

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We are all mad here Covid Mask

Do you think it is time to burn the Covid-19 Mask Program.

Around California people are protesting the hypocrisy of Governor Gavin Newsom and his requirement to wear a mask. Curfews remind many new members of our country of their old countries. Using fear to shut down the economy and control the people.

Is there any justification for the curfews and mask requirements? As a #RWTH I agree with the t-shirt sold by the Early Bum people. Living in fear isn’t living. That is not what makes us Americans. Fear is being used as a tool.

Fear the Mask

Mask Protest T-Shirt by EarlyBum.Com
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Do masks help? Yes but mostly if you are a “symptomatic” person. The real answer is simple. If you are sick, stay home. Masking symptoms (no pun intended) with cold and flu medicine doesn’t make you less contagious. Take your meds but stay home. Experts say that you are still highly contagious up to 48 hours after symptoms are gone. So if you feel good, finish that book you started and stay home.

Its On the News, It Must Be True.

Mainstream media has jumped on the fear wagon because it keeps many people glued to the TV. There is a reason TV’s are called the “idiot box”. The problem now is how do they get off the fear wagon? Do they admit the skyrocketing numbers are “normal flu season” and more testing? Do they go to hospitals and show the empty Covid Wards? No. Instead they scour the country for that one story, that one hospital that has a few patients. A hospital that was probably nearing it’s capacity anyway.

The truth will be told several years from now when the “all cause mortality” numbers are tallied up. Samples around the country show that overall mortality is not increasing. According to Joe Biden samples are not accurate statistics. Otherwise there is no way he could have won the election.

The big question we should ask is this. Is the Corona Virus response a fear hoax or a simple over reaction that no one wants to take responsibility for and stop? So far the numbers and rates show this isn’t the new plague.

Wearing a mask in your car or in your home or even outside when you are separated from other people is silly. The “6 foot rule” is there because the virus doesn’t travel more than 6 feet. As long as you aren’t within six feet of people you won’t get it from airborne transmission. Sanitizers are a whole different story.

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