California’s New Rent Caps?

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California’s New Rent Caps are a law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. How can this possibly help anyone. Simple economics says if there are more people than housing, prices go up. No matter what. If you want to fix the problem, build more houses or discourage people from coming to California that can’t afford it.

Yes higher rents mean that people need to make more money and that makes services more expensive. California’s new rent caps will not fix that. All it does is create another layer of government and expense for people who rent out homes and apartments.

Many hypocrite liberals claim that the rising rents in cities like Oakland are leading to more homeless people. Claiming that a 43% rise in homelessness is due to “affordability” is nonsense. Are they trying to say that the homes are empty because no one can afford them? Reality check people. No landlord wants to raise rent and end up with an empty house.

Owning a home is not a right, neither is having a place to live. Yes as a society we need to provide options and opportunity, but rent caps won’t help any more than building shipping crate condos at $300,000 per unit in Los Angeles and Orange County. There has to be a better way.

We all might want to go to Disneyland so will Gavin Newsom cap the entry price?

Does anyone else find it odd that just because someone arrives in LA. OC, San Francisco or Oakland and becomes homeless it is that cities problem? How about the people that want to open the floodgates to the city open their garage and let people live there for free?

Why can’t LA and OC help newly arrived people return home and find a place at a much lower cost? Why does someone deserve to live in LA or OC just because they made it here without a plan or work?

How about we hold people responsible, and help them be responsible? Rent caps are not the answer to the “affordability” problem that California has. Yes everyone wants to live along the coast, but does that mean everyone can or should? Just in case you are thinking about it, NO. I guarantee that Governor Newsom and his family don’t have homeless moving in their neighborhood.

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