Are Masks Really Necessary?

Working with two doctors, I get two answers when I asked “Are masks really necessary?”

One of the rules that I try to live by goes back to the book of Solomon. Malcom Forbes is credited with saying “With all they getting, get understanding.” The better version is from Proverbs 4:7. “Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore, get wisdom and in all thy gettingget understanding

By the measures of most church going people I am not very religious, but let’s face facts, the bible has some good lessons, this being one of them.

The other rule I try and use before forming an opinion is “follow the money.”. Whenever a politician speaks, there is something in it for them. The studies are based on “models“. a Any statistician will tell you after a few cocktails that you choose the models to get the answer you want. Follow the money and you generally find the answer.

Understanding the Mask.

Like many of you when the CDC said “if you are sick, wear a mask and stay home”, I thought, “ok, this makes sense and is simple respect for my fellow man”. When the mask became mandatory for all practical purposes, I raised the BS flag. No one listened.

To get understanding, I reviewed the studies about bacterial and viral transmissions. I also read all about hand sanitizers. Most have no affect on viruses! Even Lysol must remain on the surface for at least two minutes. UVC light can do the same in just seconds. The sun takes a few minutes longer.

It turns out, that most metal objects in the sun will not have any live virus in just a few minutes. Turns out going to Disneyland and touching that chain while in the que probably won’t kill you. So why is it still closed? Why are people not going to DisneyWorld? I am not going because I refuse to sit on an airplane with a mask for five or six hours.

The studies on mask safety are very thin and use some questionable techniques. The common thread was testing for the hospital environment. When a surgeon has you open on a table, the mask does prevent most of his or her germs from entering your wound. Open wounds are the fastest and easiest way to get a virus into your system. This is why they wear masks in surgery.

The next most likely way to get a virus in your system is through your eyes or mucus membranes. This means ear, nose or throat. Don’t kiss someone when they are sick. Wash your hands before you rub your eyes. Wash your hands before and after you use the restroom. I am stunned at how many men still don’t wash their hands at all. That is one part of my body I don’t want any viruses hanging around. If you do those three things, you are leaps and bounds ahead of someone wearing a mask.

The Mask Prevents You From Breathing the Virus.

This is a newer claim. Originally the CDC and our lost government leaders said that the mask was to protect others just in case you had the virus and weren’t sick. They call being sick, “Symptomatic”, meaning you have “symptoms”. Too much wine and your hangover might get reclassified as a “symptom”. The truth is you don’t know so stay home either way.

The real truth is that breathing the virus in to catch it is nearly impossible. That is unless you are having a conversation 2 feet from another person. In that case they are just as likely to make a micro-droplet deposit in your eye.

So It’s Time For A Face Shield

If the mask won’t save you, maybe you need a face shield. You can walk around looking like a lost pest control technician. Or you can wear sunglasses. Or you can just talk at a respectful distance. If someone gets in your face, step back.

It’s about respect and responsibility

Being respectful of those around you is the second best thing you can do to stop the spread. If you ask any MD “are masks really necessary”, you’ll probably hear the same thing the CDC said starting day one. “Washing your hands is still the best way to stop the virus.”

Wearing a mask is like carrying an umbrella to prevent skin cancer or stay dry on a sunny day in case it rains. If you want a clean and safe shopping cart, grab the one that is sitting out in the sun. The one that the store sprayed the handle and left in the shade could still have the virus all over the rest of the cart!

The same is true for shopping bags. The chances of it being on your bag, falling onto the counter and then getting on someone else’s bag are so near zero it isn’t a discussion item.

The overall world wide death toll has not spiked even with more than 30 Million cases of Covid-19 being claimed. Why are why killing the economy, spraying cash machines at all the stores and not simply using what nature gives us? UVC lights kill more virus faster and don’t need to stay on the surface for 2 minutes. The CDC just recently said “it’s a strong flu”

Have you seen any cashier spray, wait two minutes, wipe and then say “next”? I haven’t.

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