Thank Joe Biden for $7 a Gallon Gas

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$7 a gallon gas is coming to a station near you.

As a #RWTH, I have mixed emotions about how quickly Joe Biden kicked the oil industry and therefore every working American that voted for him in the teeth. Even Canada is mad. How do you make the country you used as a model in many speeches mad at you? Cancel the Keystone XL pipeline.

Personally, fracking should have been killed first, but that would have killed jobs in the US faster. The majority of the Keystone XL cancellation gut punch was taken by Canada. It will effect us over the next four years as fuel prices drive up to the $7 a gallon range or higher. Is Biden green or greedy?

Gas is already $7 in Europe

Having traveled Europe, I got used to driving very tiny little cars on the highway to save money on fuel. I also used public transportation a lot more. The difference is Europe didn’t have it’s rail systems killed by GM as shown in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. I believe the story is true.

Our society, especially out here on the west coast is a car centric society. Many people commute for an hour or more each way by car to fight for a parking spot at work. I have never understood that. Why not find a job where you want to live or live where you want to work? All that commuting is wasted energy, knowledge and productivity but we keep doing it.

The Pandemic did get us to rethink the need to sit in an office miles from home to make phone calls and push digital documents. Now we can do that remotely in our Pj’s. The need to change our habits and get us glued to the TV was the theme of a Simpsons episode 10 years ago.

It’s The Economy Stupid

The problem I have is that given the economic damage already done and running the price of oil up will only make a few big margin based traders rich. The rest of us will pay a lot more for fuel. Higher fuel costs will cut deep in the transportation and hospitality businesses that are already in trouble. Airlines struggle at $60 a barrel. How will they survive when we are blasting through $150?

Remember who you voted for when you are pumping that $7 a gallon gas and ask yourself if maybe there might have been a better way.

Why did he get elected again?

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