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Environmental Damage Due to Covid Stupidity

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To be sure this isn’t political. There are heavy hitters on both sides gaining from this. If you are a big conspiracy theorist, you can’t help but think they both have an end game here. The bad news is the environment is losing right along with us.

Is The Democratic Party Doomed By Bernie

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This nearly 50/50 split of the democratic votes is being hailed by some as a new chapter to the democratic party, others see it like the “peoples party” of the former Soviet Union. How quickly we forget.

Does Rent Control Work?

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Since the beginning of time there have been homeless people. As the industrial age expanded and the United States expanded west, it was common for people to find a way to where the new jobs, land or other opportunity were.

Battery Backup For a Tankless Water Heater #RWTH

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Being the smart guy that I am, I figured that a quick trip to the big box store for a battery backup would solve the problem. I picked up a 650VA battery backup for $99. Hundreds less than

The Failure of Recycling

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Last year China raised the bar on what they considered “acceptable” for recycling. This meant 70% of what we were sending over there to get recycled would no longer be accepted.

UPS Drones Approved

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I am not a religious person but there are good lessons in the bible. Something like “Idle hands are the devils workshop” are in there. You want to know why violence is escalating around the world? Idle hands. Don’t believe the unemployment hype, there are a lot of people who need work.

Drones Are Coming – Act NOW!

Maybe drones will become nothing more than targets for kids with paintball guns loaded with frozen paintballs, or maybe they will cost thousands of people their jobs.